Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fitness Fightback

Whilst I am getting stronger I still feel quite slow on the bike. I am hoping some of this is due to riding the Kinesis with rack, guards and often rack bag or pannier and that when I get back on nice light Bianco she will practically pedal herself up hills - wishful thinking probably.

I've done some swimming and commuting now, one very dreich road ride over Rivington way which was cut short due to how miserable it was. We did go over the steep 17 - 20% climbs from the Waterman's Cottage and Alance Bridge and I was actually quite pleases that a) they weren't as bad as I thought the would be a and b) Jez couldn't drop me. Obviously b really cheered me up as earlier in the ride he was flying up the short power climbs and dragging me along the flat whilst I tried to hold his wheel as part of my ride with a bit of purpose campaign...find doing that harder than long hills tbh.

I still feel like I am only two thirds back to fitness on the bike though strangely my run fitness seems ok? Why I don't know. I had a fantastic run on Thursday when I decided to sod the swimming and go for a run on the beach in the sunshine. It seems like forever since I ran at lunchtime due to swimming and it was fantastic:

Blue sky and sunshine run

Friday I braved the cold and rode to work, trying to keep up with Jez until Warton then tootling on my own for the next 8 or so miles. I've been slightly extending my commute in/out lately by taking the less direct route along the sea front. It takes it up to 19.5 miles or so now and you get views like this at the moment in the morning:

Sun up, time to move

Meanwhile...looking west the moon was still up

Won't be long til my commute home coincides with the sunset...then it'll be nearly spring!


  1. Beautiful piccies. Sounds like your hard works paying off. Keep at it x

  2. what a beautiful commute.

    .....hope to see you at the celtman thing, i'm supporting too :)

  3. I'm sure I will see you at the Celtman, should be fun supporting. Jez (and me depending on how things turn out) are hoping that our mate Rob is pretty knackered for the run though its probably wishful thinking. Hoping the weather is reasonable