Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Forgetting to take my wallet to work yesterday...

Means not being able to buy my usual toast for breakfast (usually then covered in penanut butter and a banana) and think a banana will suffice. Think I'll be fine as I've remembered sarnies and rest of food so don't bother borrowing money from colleagues to buy more.

Wonder how hungry I'll be after swimming though...then realise I don't have my swimming pass..or money to park (it's refunded but I need to pay it). So no swim, think I'll definitely be ok. Eat all food..getting peckish at 2:30 (canteen closed now), very hungry by 3:00 pm then full on starvation/light headed mode by 4pm. Leave work early, drive home in a daze, stomach rumbling all the way.

Get home, race (ish) into the house, nearly skid on some cat vomit (thanks Kat) then get some bread in the toaster. Head upstairs very shakily and inhale jam and peanut butter covered toast forgetting all about the cat sick. Stop shaking as the sugar gets in my system, remember cat sick but by this time Jez is back and cleans it up instead (win!). Decide I am in fact fine, get cycling kit on and head out with Jez for a 20 mile blast on the road bikes.

Set off at warp speed, dropping Jez for the first time in my life in a vain attempt to convince myself I have plenty of energy. Heart rate rockets up to seeing stars territory and refuses to come down, Jez resumes his normal position of being miles in front. Slowly but surely the roads turn to treacle and I deny I am heading for the bonk though start keeping an eye out for nice patches of verge to lie down in.

Nearly kill myself several times trying to clip into my new road pedals, had absolutely no problems on the last two rides, my inner Kevin the Teenager starts to appear...SO UNFAIR!!!!!!! Stupid shoes:

Disco Slippers

Jez makes decision to alter route to avoid the black cloud of doom heading towards Abbey Village and tells me I need to get back and get some food as I appear to have lost the power of decision making and have a totally glaikit expression on my face (and probably some drool). Head home the fastest way, though the roads seem especially treacly then get my front wheel lifted in the air by the wind.. SO UNFAIR, too stroppy to get scared.

Get to our favourite chippy...closed...all the way into town to get some chips, Jez repeats his order to me five times and I still forget some of it. Home, shakes, food, bloody hell.

Etape Du Dales in on Sunday, stressed, unfit, schoolgirl pacing errors. Bah!