Friday, April 8, 2011

Over Resting..

On Wednesday's evening ride I realised that somehow it had been a whole week since I had been on a bike, I'm not sure how I allowed that to happen (watching the Tour of Flanders on Sunday afternoon instead or riding might have something to do with it). I've got a couple of really enjoyable offroad runs in however and the rest has done my legs the world of good, now to spend the next couple of weeks beating the crap out of them again. (Swimming is still limping along).

Had a lovely ride on Wednesday evening, a social paced ride even though I was on the singlespeed, first time I've felt that way about a singlespeed ride, last weeks sneaky practice did help though as well as pretty fresh legs. It was a beautiful evening, shorts and short sleeves even for me who is always cold and the trails were almost dry, just some bog. There was a stunning, ride off the track inducing sunset to watch to and no lights required (just squeaked this though it meant a short ride).