Monday, March 21, 2011


After almost three months of thrashing around the pool attempting to do front crawl I am now officially 10 seconds a length (a whole 40 seconds per 25 metres, didn't think it was possible to be that slow) slower than those first few times in January FFS. Nearly threw my pull bouy in disgust at the silver haired, head above water breastroking old dear that overtook me twice today.

It was a frustrating swim today in many respects but I have gone back to basics with my stroke after a friend pointed out I was overreaching above the water then slapping in which is not good and creates loads of drag (and requires lots of oxygen to continue. I'm concentrating on hand entry and I have realised over the last few weeks that my pea brain can only really cope with thinking about one thing at a time whilst swimming (maybe two if they are simple) or else I forget important breathing.

At least things were slow enough today that I was never in danger of running out of air and that I have a whole weird timing thing going on when breathing to the right (my bad side) that seems to involve me separating each movement out before quietly sinking and inhaling water. It would be funny if it wasn't so frustrating. I can't even fall back to breastroke as that is even worse.

Back in the pool tomorrow then...


  1. keep at it! sounds like you've kinda 'plateaued'. it often happens when i return to running again, a lot of improvements in the first couple of weeks then nothing, even seems like i'm getting worse....then wait and all of a sudden another break through. hang in there :)

  2. Hi,Have you considered trying a swimming technique such as Total Immersion (TI)? If you haven't and you'd like to improve your swimming and gain greater satisfaction from your time in the pool then I can heartily recommend it.

    I was an OK swimmer who struggled to ever make front crawl really work but, having used TI to learn how to swim properly, I now love to swim crawl. The beauty of it is that although you can go on courses to learn the technique you can just buy the TI book and teach yourself. The time spent learning to swim with good technique really is worth it!