Friday, December 10, 2010

D'oh and Double D'oh

Planned to take advantage of the thaw and get outside for a short run at lunchtime, considering how close to the coast it is St Annes has had way more snow/ice than Lostock Hall.

I had a bit of a debate this I take the full length thermal tights or is it warm enough the 3/4 length thermals.....I thought the answer was the 3/4, in reality it turned out to be neither.

I left the tights (and socks as well) at home so no run for me, idiot! Might be able to fit one in this evening but running round local streets is just dullsville.


  1. Did I see you at darwen yesterday? About 2:30 near earnsdale res? On your 456 with 2 guys, one on a pink bike?

  2. Yes it was me, with Jez and Ed (with the pink bike). I saw you whizz past but had only stopped seeing stars after foolishly attempting to keep up with the boys on the climb so didn't process the recognition fast enough!

  3. Nah I only realised it may have been you a few seconds later when I remembered you rode a pale green 456 :-) Good ride? was a nice day for it fairly quiet trails too.