Monday, October 25, 2010

Just want to hibernate....

Where have I been...I gave blood on the 8th of this month and spent about 10 days feeling a little oxygen deprived so took it easy ( lazy). It all went well this time though so will be doing it again in a few months, I will be wary around any big events I'm doing.

The cold temperature and the dark mornings have made me want to hibernate, the running mileage is climbing back up nicely this month but the cycling most definitely is not. It still feels a little, "unnatural" as my legs want to pedal but it will come back I'm sure. So after the third attempt at getting out of my pit to cycle to work in the last week failed and I forgot to take one of my running shoes with me today (d'oh)...the punishment is ready for tomorrow.

Lets see how long it takes me to crack and get riding outside again:

Tomorrow's Pain for lazy bones


  1. I'm in love with that Garage!

  2. Lol, most blokes do its boys toys central. That's only one half of it, the side I am allowed in, only to get my bikes. It's Jez's domain and full of his toys, even the roof has been converted to store his model helicopters.

  3. well done on the blood front, not enough folks do it.