Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rucksack advice required.

I've not died just been quiet and not had the best July early August ever I have to say. Jez has been away a lot, we have a bit of a standard joke that something always breaks or goes wrong when he's away...the fridge, the kitchen lights, his car getting stolen (not really fun that one) but this year it seemed to have been mainly ok.

Until last few weeks where grandparent, codger cat then heading for codgerdom car all decided to have something quite wrong with them. A bit stressful to say the least. However, got a good blast on the road bike on Saturday and ridden in to work yesterday and today and things are starting to feel right in my world again, yay!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand the zips on my trusty Salomon 20L commuting rucksack have both finally given up the ghost. I've had it for years and got my money's worth so I now need to replace it with something similar. I think it was too long for my back really so looking at the OMM sacks. My last drop is too small really so its a choice between:

The Adventure Light 20L


Or the Ultra Light 15L


It needs to have waist pockets for works pass, keys and enough space to take clothes (no shoes or owt as they are at work), a camp towel thingy and some food but not be so big I'm tempted to carry too much. Will also probably use it for light hillwalking and general fubbing around. Anyone got one of the above, how big are they really and what can you squeeze in them?


  1. I've got the 20L and can fit all my mountain marathon kit in it. I've commuted by bike with it and it'll take a change of clothes, shoes and lunch, so will definitely be enough bag for you. The bungees and straps are pretty good at pulling it all in when it's not full, I walked with it the other weekend with just a couple of jackets and dog leads in it and it wasn't annoying the way some bags are when they're not full. Kate has the 15L I think so hopefully she'll be along soon to tell you about that.

  2. Brill, just the info I need! How does it sit on your back? My Salomon is a little too long for running/walking really, the waist straps catch on the buckles at the bottom of the shoulder strap and they can undo with amusing consequences.

  3. hello! i've got both, yeh, i know! like jumbly i can fit all mm kit in the 20lt and find it very comfortable. also used it for winter walking/bivvy too (was able to strap ice axe on outside). it's a bit roomy for anything else. size wise you'd probably be better off going for the 15lt.

    however, i find the 20lt fits my back slightly better. 15lt seems to have a shorter back. it's waist pockets are considerably smaller too. best to try for size i recon. both compress very well when not completely full. 20lt will give you more uses but might just be too much bag for your uses.

    just to confuse you ;) hope life is being a bit less stressful for you now.

  4. Personally, the OMM packs are just right for my back. I tried a Salomon pack on in The Climbers Shop and it was comically wide for my shoulders, no way could I make it fit no matter what I did to the straps. I've run and ridden in the 10L, 20L and 25L OMM packs, all have been very comfortable, I'm sure the 15L would be too. Oh, and just to confuse further I believe they have a 12L pack new to the market?