Monday, July 19, 2010

The Grinch is reborn.....

Here it is, good to be putting the frame to use again as had great fun on it before I bought the ti one and I do like the grinch green colour even though I normally wouldn't go for green, it seems to glow in murky light:

Friday evening saw it's first ride from Abbey Village up to the tower and round about the moor, currently gone for 32:18 on there and it will stay for a bit methinks. The climbs were as hard as I thought they would be but only had to walk a couple of very short sections (though one was spinning out on roots) so not too bad. What I hadn't even thought about was how much I use the gears to recover between efforts and not being able to was surprisingly hard but in a good way.

The chainline needs a bit of tweaking as it would skip when I got to that last gasp grind on the climb when I couldn't turn the pedals anymore, will need some spacers to fine tune it. The stem is also too long and puts me too far over the front when stood up, will put a shorter one on. A colleague of mine mentioned one of his mates had managed to go over the bars whilst going uphill, I can see that happening to me if the stem doesn't get changed!

Having the front tyre pumped up to "rock bloody hard" (thanks for that Jez) didn't help the handling I have to say, had a corking stack early on as it just pinged sideways off a root and skittered everywhere on the climbs. Only thought to check once I got to the tower as I know I'm really not fond of the tyre that's on the front and thought it was that (tyre will be getting changed as well).

Did 12 miles which was just right, though it was my arms that were complaining more than my legs which I expected, shoulders absolutely killed on Saturday. It will certainly make the short midweek spins harder, which is what I wanted. It still goes downhill very well but feels sluggish on the up in comparison to the ti one but hey, it'll do.


  1. it's always my triceps/shoulders that give way before my legs when i've been off the bike for a while. sounds like you're gonna have some ace mid week rides!

  2. Glad you have seen the light, singlespeeding is so much fun!

  3. minus the mud guard ;) the bike looks great. I love the colour.

  4. I never ride without a mudguard and always will (in this country at least). Helps save my saddle and now waterproof shorts from some of the grit.....shudders as I remember the days before baggies/waterproof shorts and freezing my arse off on windswept moors in wet, cold, totally unwindproof gritty lycra. With waterproof shorts I agree I could lose it but old habits die hard.

  5. i have one of those neoprene flaps on my forks which helps loads - no more mud in the eye.

    waterproof shorts are amazing - joined the club earlier in the year,

  6. "one of his mates had managed to go over the bars whilst going uphill" - I've done that a few times.

    I use a rear crudguard too and my shorts/saddle still get the gritty sandpaper effect but I'm sure it would be a whole lot worse without it.