Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Run!

Finally, today I got out for a run, it seems forever since I last put any running shoes on. Monday was a rest day after the Cheshire Cat. Tuesday was originally planned at 3 mile easy run but the weather was grim and I thought an extra lazy day wouldn't be that much of a bad thing. Wednesday I just plain forgot I was supposed to be running and didn't go out!

So today after work I headed out. Legs had lost most of their cycling leadedness but there are things that need to be stretched (hip flexors and mid back, no surprise really). However, it quickly became apparent that while an easy spin on the bike is a good recovery session for running I'm not sure, for me at least, its going to work the other way. Which is a bit of a blow, the impact is noticeable.

Anyway, it was just under 6 miles, some tarmac, some woods and hills and after the first 2 miles was really enjoyable. I think the best bet is to head off road for my runs as much as possible. My gait has changed back to being quad heavy again though....


  1. Excellent run, well done. I always find getting back out their after a big event is tough.

  2. think i just saw you on the adventure show!