Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playing Frogger

On last nights ride, loads of the little things on the roads and trails near Anglezarke. Not entirely sure I was 100% successful in missing them. A very short and chat paced ride in the end with just Ed and I out, the only real effort put in was climbing Lead Mines, just for a change though its still firmly a decent for me. Everything was wet and sloppy, even stuff I didn't think was normally prone to being that bad.

Decided against exploring the new Healy Nab stuff for the first time in the dark and it was only when packing up that I realised we hadn't gone to the pike. Not really a proper Rivi ride for me if the pike isn't visited. Just perfect for an easy week.

Running has resumed and an easy five miles are planned tonight, then a lazy two days before the Cheshire Cat on Sunday. Forecast is for p*ssing rain....what tyres for stopping wheelspin on Mow Cop?


  1. Mow Cop will be fine, just go really slowly till you reach the uber-steep section!

  2. i had a similar frog experience the other day but it was in broad daylight- urgh!

    good luck for sunday