Friday, March 19, 2010

Hmmmm, now what?

This weekend is the Whinlatter Enduro. I have been in two minds about whether to do it due to not getting in many (or actually any) long MTB rides due to the weather. In the last couple of days I had pretty much decided to HTFU and just get on with it but my stupid car has now got to go back into the garage.

It had developed quite an oil leak and spent last weekend there being "fixed", I got it back on Tuesday so far so good but Jez opened the bonnet last night to put the engine cover back on (which they had failed to do) and the whole of the engine is just swimming in oil. It looked like a fire just waiting to happen. Another car was used to get us to the Velodrome and apparently at some point today the garage are hopefully going to come and pick it up so I'm probably going to be carless again for the weekend and won't be able to get there.

Weather forecast is less than ideal to ask someone to hang around while I crawl my way around Whinlatter forest for five hours or so. I'm not doing very well with my planned events this year.

I think a road ride is the only real option but I do need to get in something over a couple of hours or so. as the Cheshire Cat is next weekend..........grrr cars.


  1. I can't do this weekend but I am always on for longer rides if you fancy something soon!

  2. Is that my idea of longer or yours?!

  3. You can decide the length! I will plot something! We can start near you and I will ride there and back!