Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Hours and Twenty Minutes

...is how long I spent on the Turbo on Sunday.

Original plan was to meet up with some other people for a bit of a road ride, waking up to a covering of snow put paid to that. I have borrowed some Spinerval DVD's and one was to help for longer riding efforts, the others are high intensity stuff which wasn't my plan for the day. I didn't think I'd do it all but I did, not sure what that says about me but only the last few minutes were really tough as the "enough" switch was flicked and I really wanted to stop.


  1. I was never able to follow the Spinerval DVDs. They always reminded me of the cheesy workout videos my mother used to watch.

  2. There is definitely a cheesy quality to them! At least on the Sufferfest vid I get to look at the perfectly formed backsides of the pro peloton.

  3. No way could I do that long on a turbo. Well done.