Monday, February 1, 2010

Running Intervals and Some Outdoor Cycling Miles

Thursday last week saw me reintroduce some running speedwork, all various leg niggles I've had this month from various falling overs seemed to have gone so I had a go at some 400 metre efforts. 2 sets of 4 x 400 metres with 1 minute recoveries and 2 minutes between sets.

It went well, pacing was good and even and it was just the right amount of hard stuff. I've not done anything similar since the beginning of December and I had forgotten the puzzled looks you get when you zoom past people only to stop and jog back towards them then zoom past again. Good for upsetting little dogs on extend-a-leads it would seem.

Friday had a decent forecast so I took the opportunity to ride into work, good steady riding both ways and it was daylight enough to switch my lights off well before I got to work. More importantly I managed to do six miles homeward without switching them on either which did cheer me up.

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