Friday, February 26, 2010


Heading up to my folks tomorrow then onto Glenmore Lodge on Sunday to do 5 days of winter hillwalking skills (or how not to get swept away in an avalanche!). Already had mum on the phone with the "are you sure it's a good idea" conversation (after the Glencoe avalanche). I'm not sure my assurances of being with some of the finest mountain instructors around reassured her...

Currently in the process of assembling every single hat, pair of gloves/mitts, buff, socks, baselayer, waterproof, down/merino garment etc I own.......maybe we should just pack all our clothes and take them with us.

Finger crossed the Highlands have finally been reopened by the time we have to drive up there on Sunday afternoon, can snow us in if it likes after that, I won't care then but don't want to have to spend a night in the car on the A9 on the way up.


  1. must be something to do with those courses. we had a massive snow dump too-closed the mountain for 2 days. you'll be in excellent hands and probably wont want to come home. have a great trip :)

  2. Getting really excited now! After our last Glenmore lodge trip in June a few years ago where we ignored the warm/spare gloves kit list item (and had to do a dash to Aviemore at the end of the first day to buy lots of gloves) we are not underestimating the conditions (hopefully) and packing everythnig.

  3. Hope you manage to stay warm and have lots of fun.