Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Running: 96 Miles
Cycling: 162 Miles (87 real miles)

Considering I'm doing a few cycle events that seems not enough cycling compared to running. The amount of running is due to the weather really and the cycling looks okish but 75 of them were turbo miles which don't really count.


  1. I'm impressed you can juggle the two.

    Now that i'm car free (sold it last week) I've had to knock running on the head so that my legs can cope with the bike 'utility' mileage.

  2. still, a good start to the year though.

  3. Not bad mileage when you consider the January we have just had.

    I think turbo miles count, although in a seperate category as who really wants to use a turbo?

    Drop me an email if you fancy some road rides!