Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wavering Motivation......

Struggling a bit this January for some reason, particularly in the last week or so. Dark mornings, grey days are not filling me with joy. Last January was pretty good overall with 100 running miles and over 200 bike miles, this year is a completely different story on the biking front -running miles still ok due to the weather at the beginning of the month.

Last Tuesday I cycled to work, the morning ride in was great, no wind, no ice and just great to be out riding (once I'd scraped myself out of bed). Flew into work in 1:07, averaging over 16mph which is good going for me riding the shopping bike.

The ride home on the other hand was a complete nightmare. The wind just got stronger all day so I rode the entire 18 miles home against a raging headwind. It didn't help I was starving after about two miles and spent the whole miserable, grinding commute fantasising about food. What I was going to have for dinner, tomorrow's lunch, what I was going to be eating next week fgs...It took 1:29 to get back home, an embarrassing 12mph or so.

Character building? Miserable more like and I've kind of CBA's riding outside at all since (or even on the turbo)...not good when I've got some cycling events coming up.

On Saturday I got out for a run in the hills, it took me until 3pm to actually get out there but it was great to be out in the fresh, still air. It was misty in Lostock Hall but clear around the hills:

Just under 7 miles, managed to get back to the car as the clag really came in but before I completely ran out of daylight (just). Sunday was almost a complete write off but managed to prise myself off the sofa for a trip to the climbing wall.

I gave myself a talking to on Sunday night, no slacking this week. Yesterday I got the week off to a good start with a lunchtime run. I decided to have some fun in the dunes which did absolutely nothing for average speed but should be good for the old leg strength if I don't ping my achilles tendons off. 6.8 miles with about 4 ish miles of dune sliding and beach running. Excellent fun.

Today's plan: Drop Car off at garage for service and run the 2.5 miles home (done)

Intervals on the Turbo (One hour of pain)

Pick up car (run, walk, ride - not decided yet).
Somebody kick me if I don't get the turbo torture done.....

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  1. I've done nothing this month.

    I was going to go MTBing for the first time this year tonight. However, someones coming to buy my car (hopefully) so i've got to wait in for them instead.