Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Turbo Torture

Working from home today due to car being in garage for service so no commute. I got on the turbo for an hour of intervals using the Sufferfest Downward Spiral vid. Strangely satsifying in a "shouldn't have eaten that carrot cake 30 minutes ago I'm about to puke" fashion.

Like a running interval session the hour as a whole seemed to fly by but the individual efforts seemed to take forever. I was only tempted to get off on the easy pedalling 5 minute warmup/down and recovery between the sets. I definitely need a structure to a session on it else I'll just get off!

Running intervals definitely help my running speed so it'll be interesting to see if cycling intervals help my cycling speed (assuming I make myself do them regularly).

I'm also wondering how to schedule them around hard running sessions and if they can be a replacement for running hill reps or not.


  1. in terms of scheduling, i think it's best to eat the cake post intervals ;)

  2. Rather you than me. I bought a turbo last year and just can't bring myself to use it. I'd rather run in the cold with a t-shirt and short shorts.

  3. I've just sold my turbo. It certainly get you fitter but it's just become no fun.

  4. Well done for getting through it. I think excercise without going anywhere has to be the hardest thing, cake or no cake. Personally I go for a slice before and after.