Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowy Beach Run

Yesterday I hauled myself out of the door at lunchtime for a run after listening to the CBA demons on Thursday. My main excuses on Thursday were...sidestreets will be slippy to cross, might be ice patches, half cleared driveways, its baltic........

The Friday run had all of that but it wasn't too bad, it was a glorious, sunny and clear day. My car said -1 when setting off (out clearing the windscreen after the washers had defrosted) but the lack of wind stopped it from feeling too bitter.

It was a bit slidy in places on the way down to the beach but I ran on the shady side of the street and mostly it was fine just taking it really easy. I was curious to see what the beach would be like but I didn't quite expect this:

Snow covered beach! It was also really busy, all those people not able to get to work..

I was almost late back to work, 7 miles at a slow 10mm but not too much slower really.

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  1. recently i've been really enjoying your photos. keep up the good work :)