Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That inbetween stage...

of getting over whatever had infected me but not quite sure if its entirely gone. A very easy 4 mile run yesterday, felt great after and enjoyed the run. I kept my layers zipped up to keep the cold off my chest as much as possible even if I was a little warm.

7 slightly less easy miles, still all zipped up, feel slightly less fine this evening. I hate germs!

Jez is also ill too, enough to take a day off work which is exceptionally rare, though his appears to be gastric related rather than tight chest. Watch this space as I'll probably get it next.


  1. glad you're on the mend. just give jez a wide birth ;)

  2. Hope you're feeling more human again...just to wish you a fab Xmas break and a healthy running/cycling and all things active 2010. RB