Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMG How Cold?!

Breathtakingly cold today out on the prom, literally. I headed down there not sure if I was going to do the intervals I had planned or not, so cold and the wind was just biting and stronger than I was expecting!

I had on fleecy tights, thermal undershorts, thermal top, Oz Pullover zipped almost right up, gloves (ok thin ones) and a buff on. The top and the Oz have handwarmer style thumb loops to cover part of the hand, I never took my thumb out of those loops at all or really unzipped the jacket, even during the intervals I was that cold and I wished I'd put my windproof hat on.

Anyway, 2.2 mile "warm" up, 6 x 800 metres done (was supposed to be 5 but I obviously set it up wrong), wind assisted which made me set off far too fast every single time but I still found the pace hard to maintain as I think my legs were just cold and clumsy. Then back to work, still haven't warmed up properly.

It was probably good for me after the written off weekend....


  1. I went to cycle to work yesterday after very nearly falling on bum (my drive was one sheet of ice) I decided to spend 20mins de-icing the car.

  2. Good call, I don't ride on ice much after a few falls and breaking a couple of fingers. I made myself cycle on Monday as I knew it was due to freeze. It was still baltic on the ride home.

  3. Good effort I was supposed to go night riding on monday but chickened out!

  4. It was perfect conditions here on Monday, crystal clear, full moon......totally arctic! Cycling home from work was quite enough.