Thursday, December 3, 2009

Germ Factory...

My office that is. Felt terrible yesterday afternoon, woozy, scratchy throat. Pulled out of night riding and had an early night. Fingers crossed but I actually feel lots better today but have decided not to do todays planned 6 mile run and give myself a chance. Its currently tipping down with freezing rain so probably best to stay warm and dry today.

I've another easy day tomorrow then hopefully will get out and do something on Saturday and race XC on Sunday. The Marl Pits XC course is supposed to be quite a good one so hopefully I will get there and not feel like death warmed up.

Both my running and cycling mileage targets for the year are tantalisingly close but a heavy cold or dose of swine flu could put them out of reach.

Anyway, off to make some home brew style lemsip.....I am amusing my colleagues with my little tubs of freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey.


  1. Oh no! Boo to germs. Get well soon.

  2. Similar thing here. Just been to the doc today. No running or cycling of me for a while.

    Get well soon.

  3. spicy dhal will sort you out, get well soon :)

  4. i just feel tired and ready for a holiday. very lethargic.

    hope you escape the germs x