Monday, November 9, 2009

Some "Racing" Advice Required: MTB

So, the duathlon looms this coming weekend. Starting to think about the logistics, what to wear etc.

I think I should stick a bottle cage and bottle on the on one (as fortunately it will take one, Titus will not) and put puncture stuff etc in a saddle pack so I can ditch a camelbak when riding, not have to wriggle it on/off. Jez reckons I should take a small back pack.

I have never tried to race on a bike before so any advice accepted.


  1. I would go for bottle on bike, tube, pump, multi-tool in saddle pack. Gel in pocket. But no to a backpack. You feel faster without one!

  2. are you planning on eating/drinking on the run? if not, then i'd probably go with a very small pack but keep tools on the bike. only because i know i drink more that way. i'd probably use a 'carb' drink and then have a gel in each transition.

    you probably won't want to having anything on the first run but it's going to be important to refuel for the next.

    normally, for lap races, i'd say not to bother with a bag. i think the ground might be a bit more technical than 'just riding around a field', so i would find drinking from a bottle more difficult.

    hope that's confused you ;)

  3. Ooh, some good points Kate. I will be having a carb drink and probably gel in transition. Hmm, more thought. I do have a (ever growing) selection of bags to choose from!

    I need to practise!