Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well...It's built

My new, shinier and hopefully lighter than the steel one it replace On One Ti 456:

My last Friday off tomorrow or ride? Got stuff to do in the morning so won't be able to escape anywhere too far. I'm currently leaning towards local ride at the minute, am at the Velodrome all day Saturday for the track world champs and Sunday's weather looks stupidly windy.

As long as I do something!


  1. Ooo, shiney.

    Get up early and go for a very short ride Saturday morning. You'll no doubt want to mess with tyre/fork pressure, saddle position etc.

    Hopefully this way when you do for your first 'proper' ride everything will be just right.

  2. I'm hoping with it being exactly the same geometry as the steel one it shouldn't need too much adjustment. All part lifted from the steel one without change - though I'm sure there will be something.

  3. local rides are the best and only way to test new bikes!

    that climbing wall is huge, i can't believe you did that areal thingy with a hangover-mental!!

  4. I had promised my 13 year old "niece" I would take her on it for ages. I was too slow apparently!

  5. I have a bad case of bike envy. Very nice!

  6. How sad its your last friday! But hey at least you have taken full advantage.

    I recommend riding past my house with that bike, then leaving it outside the front door for me!!!

  7. my bf has the ti 456 and loves it. hope you enjoy yours