Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lack of posts...

Sorry, not dropped off the earth just way behind with blogging as work has had the temerity to actually require attention! As an IT slacker who sits in front of a PC all day if I don't do most of my posting from work due to being busy I don't want to sit at a computer in the evening.

To sum up: running a trail half, meeting fellow bloggers, sore toe stops play (kicking a boulder in said trail half), night riding on dry dusty trails, a long day ride cut short due to dead legs, laziness, a fantastic run on the beach, a fast four mile run followed by a night ride in the rain and wind.....

I will post up shortly honest.


  1. yay! i thought i'd scared you away ;)

  2. I've had no internet for a week and I can't believe just how mnay blogs i've got catch up on!