Monday, October 19, 2009

An injury scare

The Sunday after the 3rd Oct XC race Jez and I headed out on a road ride to spin my legs out. The initial plan was for 30 odd miles taking in Belmont. My legs were pretty tired which wasn't entirely suprising. My left leg in particular was feeling a little odd.

Half way up the climb from the M65 roundabout over to Abbey Village I had to stop due to a very, very "bad" pain just above my left knee. I thought my ITB had gone, though I didn't say it out loud because that would make it seem true. It wasn't so bad if I stood up but seated climbing was very painful. I had been sort of aware of it at the end of Friday's ride too.

Anyway, we headed back so the ride was only about 20 miles long. My left leg was definitely not feeling right at all.

Later when tidying up my riding shoes I noticed my left cleat was in a bit of a bizarre position. The cleat was very loose and moving around all over the place, d'oh.

"How can you not notice these things?" asked a very exasperated Jez.

A few rest days and I think I got away with it.


  1. See should have gone climbing instead :)

    I'm glaf you're not actually injured.

  2. Doh! I only notice when my foot gets stuck in my pedal!

  3. Unclipping was starting to get a bit difficult, still didn't dawn on me.

  4. the things jez has to put up with ;)

  5. I typically don't notice loose/damaged cleats until I'm laying in a ditch, attached to the bike and crying, so I think Jez got off pretty lightly.