Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A few days away...

We headed up to Scotland for a few days last week. Didn't do too much really, a bit of a bimble in the Pentlands which was fun, I definitely need to try to get some running in on them. The clag was down as it usually is when we are on top of any hill in Scotland. By the time we were walking back along the valley floor towards the car the cloud had lifted clear of the tops. By the time we came out of the Flotterstone Inn after some food it was blue sky and sunshine, typical.

I also managed to scare myself silly on the Aerial Assault course at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, only 10 minutes away from my folks. A video here, I was made to go first and my face was apparently just as much of a picture. I have to confess to having a raging hangover which really, really didn't help and also meant I didn't actually get any climbing in! However, I was getting vertigo just watching people climb, those walls are huge!

I would recommend it but not with a hangover, swinging around does nothing to settle the stomach.

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