Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tour of Britain

The North West stage of the ToB started and finished in Blackpool on Tuesday, I nipped out of work at lunchtime to watch them whizz by.

I cycled in with very tired legs after Monday's rather eventful run, not surprising I suppose. The race schedule had them due to finish about 13:50 at the Sandcastle having come through a road about 2.5 miles from work.

After keeping an eye on the live tracking they were a bit behind schedule but I headed out there sometime after 1pm. It felt weird putting cycling shoes and helmet on and nipping out on the bike at lunchtime. A nice flat cycle and I stand on a large traffic island in the middle of the dual carriageway they would be coming down near the 4km from the finish sign, bit gloomy in Blackpool the sunshine was elsewhere.

The police as usual looked to be having far too much fun on their motorbikes with the rolling roadblock. Then the lead group appeared:

By the time the camera had finished whatever it was doing after the above picture they had flown past and the peloton was hot on their wheels:

vroom! They were flying.

After loads of cars and assorted hangers on were through, probably just in front of the broom wagon was a lone Garmin rider, struggling and way behind. There were few spectators on this part of the course but near me were a group of much older men and women and I could here them shouting at him: "go on sonny, keep going dear your nearly there". Which I thought was quite sweet really.

Quickly back to work then an easy spin home later.

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