Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sleeping, cooking, garden and bike maintenance

Is what I got up to over the weekend. After frying in the Dales for a day I had a couple of extra hours sleep on Saturday morning. Had to get up to feed the cat about 7:30am but he graciously allowed me another couple of hours sleep before demanding any more attention.

The sunny weather seems to have ripened all the tomatoes and chillies I have all at once, I thought I was doomed to tonnes of green tomato chutney again, I needed to do something qith them quickly. Spent a lot of Saturday cooking, making damson vodka (farm shop selling them cheap), bisuits, roasting tomatoes and generally making a mess of the kitchen.

Sunday I did think about going out for a run but the mossery that passes for our back lawn was dry enough to walk on without turning it into the Somme so I cracked on with tidying the garden up ready for autumn though I have filled our garden waste bin to bursting and there is still more to do.

Bike maintenance next. I had to go back to basics with my rear derailleur, printed the Shimano instructions out, checked the stops, lubed the cables, faffed around for ages getting clockwise/anti mixed up and eventually the gears are pretty much sorted. Something that would have taken Jez about five minutes took, well a lot longer than that!

Also sorted the front brake out on the On One via application of a large flat bladed screwdriver, meant I got enough leverage to really force the pistons back. A bit of shimming and the disk was central, hopefully it will stay that way.

A timely thread on STW had me checking all my Eggbeaters for play, the Titus left pedal is starting to wobble so a rebuild kit for that then.

My bike shopping list consisted of:

New cables for Titus
New pistons and rebuild kit for On One front brake (rear done recently)
Egg beater rebuid kit

Utterly boring so to cheer myself up I have ordered some Salsa flip off skewers for the On One. Hate the skewers on there at the minute.

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