Thursday, September 17, 2009

A short Wednesday night ride

First Wednesday evening ride in what seems like ages and its night riding time again. I had company too which seems like the first time in ages too, even though I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the solo rides it was nice to have someone else there to chat to, especially in the dark.

Setting off a bit later than normal due to me taking the mog to the vet, the sun was dropping nicely when we were getting ready to ride with a lovely sunset just like Monday, except this time I had lights!

Trail were dry, just a few soft patches and it was a lovely evening for a ride. The On One front brake wasn't binding and only squeaked in use (it is a Hope brake), I was really chuffed and the bike felt fine on the uphills only my heavy legs holding me back.

I was coping well with riding with lights, normally it takes a couple of rides to adjust, probably because it was so dry. Right at the end I decided to have a silly off and land in some stodge, not sure what happened but I wasn't hurt and just for a bit of variety it was my hands that got covered in bog not my feet.

Just under 10 fast, dry and polar bear free miles.


  1. Lovely photos.

    I generally prefer to ride alone during the day; but I do prefer company at night.

    I don't like it when 'things' go bump in the night or when I fall off in the middle of nowhere at night all alone.

  2. Hi, love your pics. Am wundrin' about a running camera toy - what do you use? Wondered what was cheap and small enough for a running jacket pocket to snap any lurking polar bears.. Rb

  3. I use a compact digital camera. I only really take it on longer mainly offroad runs as I have a little backpack I use to carry water/phone etc. I don't tend to take it on shorter runs.