Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Rather Underwhelming Week

Not sure what was up with me, felt like was coming down with a cold or maybe I was just sick of the wind and rain (more likely). After the Dales ride I had a lazy day on the Saturday doing some serious reading and not a lot else. Sunday involved lots of shopping and stuff using the bike, got a nice 25 miles in but against the strong winds with the panniers acting like sails on more than one occasion. My face was very windburnt.

Monday I made myself go for an offroad run, aiming for 10 miles but cut it to 7.5 when I just couldn't get into it. I just couldn't seem to take enough air in, it felt completely airless even though the wind was blowing a hoolie, more windburn. I then cycled over to my mates for tea and was half way there when the heavens opened and it lashed, luckily I had had the sense to put my waterproofs on but I had the lights switched on my bike at 6pm, bah! it was still raining by the time I made my way home.

Felt really out of sorts Tuesday to Thursday, work was busy so I couldn't even get away at lunchtime to get to the gym either. Some rest and extra sleep (and a lot of Tangfastics) and I felt much better for riding on Friday. The windburn stopped stinging on Thursday evening.


  1. I wish I was that active when i'm being lazy.

    A 30mile ride, 7.5 mile run in gale force winds!

  2. hope that this week you'll feel much more like yourself then