Monday, September 7, 2009

Derwentwater Trail Race

Yesterday was the Derwentwater trail race, I wasn't sure if I was going to do it but my legs felt fine in the morning, it wasn't chucking it down and I've not managed to run it the previous two years (cancellation and injury). So got my stuff together and drove up to Keswick.

The registration was in town which was great for wandering round prior to race start. What wasn't so great was shutting the boot lid on my Garmin when getting ready to race, d'oh. Screen smashed and only top right hand corner readable:

A new one is on its way, sigh. I decided spending mega bucks on one of the newer models was folly given my track record....

Anyway, raced without it. Race went surprisingly well, I thought my lack of running would really tell but I think I got away with it, not sure I would've wanted to run for much longer though. I did the just under 9 miles ish in 1.29.

It was a really enjoyable course, the only bad bit was the bogs which weren't so much boggy as just shin deep water. My feet were like blocks of ice after wading through them, keeping running was difficult so I used the section to recover well and keep something in reserve for the descent. On a dryer day the climb should be pretty much all runnable, even by me.

The course is basically one big climb followed by one big descent (down Latrigg). I had an absolute whale of a time on the descent and made up a lot of time and did a lot of overtaking and even managed to hang on to all my gained places on the last run in to the finish. A great run, shame about the Garmin though.