Friday, August 21, 2009

The "What If ?" Run

I finally got out for a run and boy did I need it, trying to offset wine calories consumed this week notwithstanding.

Jez and I spent a few fun filled hours at Chorley A & E on Thursday evening due to Jez having a thumb and propellor interface. The propellor would have appeared to have come off worst however his thumb was bit of a mess with 5 deep cuts across it but apparently no other damage.

He has been a very, very lucky boy and appears to have got away with the lapse in attentiveness that allowed it all to happen. The engine attached to the propellor is very powerful and it could so easily have been much worse, he could have damaged or lost the thumb altogether. Actually, having had a full description of what actually happened from the other people that were there the what ifs are many and horrible.

So I headed off up to Tockholes to pound out some miles on some hills and mud and play through the what ifs going round my head and get rid of them. Running is better for this than biking, too much concentration required for biking.

I had my new Wave Harriers to try out and off I went. The first couple of miles were mentally hard but physically good, some climbing to get the stress out and get the endorphins flowing. By the time I was leaving Catherine Edge to head up onto Darwen moor my clenched fists had relaxed and the what ifs were gone.

I was treated to a fantastic flying display by two birds of prey (no idea what they were) then a short heavy shower just to wash the stress away completely. A fantastic run over the top where I was soon dry again and the heather was positively glowing in its purpleness (though sadly this means autumn is coming). My running was relaxed and I had shaken off the heavy legs of not doing much. I was grinning like a loon by the time I got to the Tower.

I got cuaght in another heavy shower on the last 1/3 of a mile down to the car but even that couldn't stop me smiling. Just under 7 stress busting miles. I needed that.


  1. I hope Jezz recovers quickly.

    I love that contented relaxed feeling you get after a hard run or ride.

  2. lucky, lucky man-glad to hear it :)

  3. ouch. I hope Jezz's thumb heals fats. Sounds a VERY lucky boy indeed