Monday, August 24, 2009


...went my quad on Sunday morning kicking the duvet off. How can you hurt yourself getting out of bed? As if I need any more persuasion to stay under the duvet.

On Saturday Jez and I did a bit of a road ride to get out as MTBing is out of the question for him at the moment. He managed ok as the road shifters don't need thumbs and its his left hand anyway so he left it in middle ring. We rode out at a nice leisurely pace onto the Fylde to where he does a lot of his model flying. I left him there and did a quick circuit of the Inskip masts before heading back.

It was also the first ride out on my new bars, I have fitted a set of Bontrager Fit Vr ones which shorten the reach on the top of the drop and generally lift it up a bit. They felt amazingly comfy on both the top and in the drops and I don't feel my neck is craning to see. I have probably lost a little in aerodynamicness (is that a word) as I felt a little slow but no stiff neck, I'll take that trade off. Just need to plan a longer ride on it.

I could have done with heading out a bit further afield as there was much faffing before we headed back home via a pub for lunch. His hand was a little sore once we got back but otherwise ok. I then took my road bike over to Ribble's warehouse to ask them about their winter frames, the geometry is quite different from my ickle 44cm sloping frame.

Anyway the helpful lad in the shop did some measuring and comparing of frames and due to the very long top tube on the winter frame a 46cm is probably best. I am doomed to dinky frames! Will order it online in the next day or so to get discounts on it, the bike won't get rebuilt until end of September anyway.

I had planned to get out for a good run on Sunday morning but twanging my leg put paid to that. It was better by the afternoon but then the weather closed in for a while. In the end I headed over to Witton Park with Jez for a bit of a walk (and to visit more model flyers!). He had been cooped up in the house all day so decided to forgo my run and keep him company. He's disappearing off to Oz again on Thursday so I'll get plenty of time to run then anyway.

We found some interesting tracks and trails around the park and due to it being in a bit of a bowl it was pretty sheltered from the strong wind. Just as we got to the flying field the heavens opened and it lashed. We got soaked getting back to the car but I was at least saved from being up on the moor when the heavens opened.


  1. awww ouch to you now too! Hope your quad heals fast so you can keep up with your running progress.

    you'll have to adopt a more subtle sliding out of bed tactic in future :)

  2. I loved my Ribble frame. Great choice.

  3. BTW, I couldn't get out of bed this morning either.

    Kate, Jane and Jumbly have offically killed my legs.

  4. tiredness can kill ;)

    ...jon broke himself, we had nothing to do with it!