Thursday, August 6, 2009

The puddles of doom are breeding

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Why when my front wheel drops into stuff like that do I go over the handlebars????? That is going to be fun to negotiate in the dark and wet of winter, at least we normally climb it so won't be travelling fast.

There used to only be one real PoD on this ride, there are now at least four.

On last nights ride I'd taken the slightly drier line to the right but still almost came off as what I thought was a grassy bank was just some grass hiding a ditch. The stench from the bog was foul.

A good short evening spin, just Ed and I out which made sure I didn't dawdle, quite enjoyed pushing hard up a climb to see if I could make my head spin.

Back etc ok, I was early and spent a while riding up and down setting saddle height etc to be good for both legs, noticed my left leg wants to splay out slightly if I don't concentrate on it, could do with my foot moving in a bit perhaps.

An investigation of the cleats revealed (when I scraped all the mud out anyway) some room for maneouvre. Unfortunately bolts are quite stuck and I stopped trying to adjust it before I completely rounded them off. Will scoosh some WD40 around the bolts to see if it helps, I did grease them before I put them in.

The long motorwayed drag up/down to the tower was fun to fly down and is slowly but surely getting some character (i.e. erosion), this winter will liven it up again.

After getting my eyeballs rattled out on the descent to Tockholes I need to make time to check the settings on my forks and possibly get them serviced, to be fair they are definitely due one.

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  1. Don't let Trio see this. Sometimes I think she trys to find as much mud to ride through as possible.