Thursday, August 6, 2009

A lunchtime run to the beach for an ice cream

Wanted to cycle in today but I have a chiro appointment at 6pm so I would never have enough time. I want to run tomorrow but felt like doing something today and decided on an easy run.

Sun was out and it was very warm setting off, when I got to the beach it was heaving around the prom so I ran on the sand facing the breeze. It was a bit of an adventure course trying not to fall down dug holes, trip over sandcastles and get hit by the myriad of balls flying around but it was great to see so many people out having fun.

After passing loads of people eating ice cream I decided it was only fair I had one and had luckily been to the cashpoint on the way. I nipped to one of the kiosks near the pier then I sat on the beach for ages eating ice cream and wishing I had a bucket and spade to play with like all the kids. There was something really satisfying about briefly escaping work to sit on the beach and eat ice cream.

The run back wasn't too bad either, thought I'd feel sick but no. Five, sunshiney and ice cream flavoured easy miles.


  1. almost wish i was at work if i could get a lunch break like that ;)

  2. It was definitely the high point of the day, had to drag myself back.