Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inov8 Mudclaw 330's

I was given a pair of them for my birthday way back in March but shamefully they have never been allowed out due to me not running offroad much during mara training. On Monday night I decided it was time to remedy that and go find some mud to cover them in.

As I have heard various stories of people not getting on with Inov8's I was originally only going to do a short low level run but after a frustrating day at work I decided running up a windswept hill was in order. So off to Abbey Village with plans to run up to Great Hill, down to the road on what should hopefully be a pretty muddy descent then back to Abbey Village, taking in one of my least favourite tracks to run down but I'd worry about that later. So 7 milesish.

Up past the sawmill on what is usually a reliably boggy field to find it surprisingly bone dry, ah well. It was quite dry until heading across towards Brinscall where I found some proper bog, enough to almost suck the right shoe off. Even though I always think my laces are tight when I set off I always have to tighten them up after a while.

Up the hard pack path to the top of Great Hill where they were squirming a bit, not surprisingly. The wind was really strong and in my face but it was quite invigorating after being on a PC all day. Up onto the top and I could feel a little hotspot on my right heel. My sock was bunched up in the shoe so I pulled it out and straightened it, hopefully it was that that was causing it.

Down towards the Belmont road and some proper stodge. They were pretty confidence inspiring though the thick stodge though this descent was still really quite dry compared to what its like in the winter. They felt a lot better than the Mizuno's. After that it was down Mill Lane which I always pick my way down slowly but I actually ran it the best I ever have. Not sure it was anything to do with the shoes as I certainly had a few slips on the greasy rocks but my head seemed to be up for it. Then a couple of miles down through the woods and back to the car.

I really enjoyed myself, all cobwebs blown away. I have a pair of respectably muddy shoes and a little blister on my right heel, fingers crossed it was the sock as these should be excellent in the winter.


  1. I really rate my mudclaw 330s. Very good for grassy and muddy descents, do need a bit of caution on rock. I find the blue wool blend hilly socks the best with mine, warm and comfortable even when wet. I've only ever got blisters in this combo on long races where I think to be honest any sock and shoe arrangement after 13 miles of soggy fells is going to do some damage!

  2. I do hate getting new shoes wet and muddy for the first time.

  3. I was wearing Inov8 socks but they are a little baggy round the heel which probably didn't help.

    I hate getting road shoes muddy but off road the muddier the better.

  4. i find the invo-8 range a bit baffling to be honest. i've had 3 very different models and only 1 has been 'out of the box comfy'. all of them have been really light weight but have worn very quickly. think i'm going to experiment with my next pair.
    ...sounds like an ace run though!

  5. It is a worry, heard all sorts of negative things about them but lots of positive too. Lots of people were racing XC in them which is where I first got a good look at them, the Walshes I have are a little too narrow for my liking.

    My Mizuno harriers have done nearly 500 miles and haven't fallen apart yet or worn too much, I have ordered another pair so I can compare. I love them for everything except proper mud.