Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glentress Red

I headed up to Scotland for a family/friends visit last Thursday. I took my On One (as Titus not rebuilt) and my road bike on the chance that I could get some time riding. I knew my best chance was to get to GT on Thursday on the way up though.

I calculated that if I was away by 4pm, 3 hours to get there and get riding by 7:15 I should have enough time for a couple of hours with the extra Scottish daylight. I didn't leave work until 4:40, d'oh. As it was such a nice evening I still headed over there seemingly forgetting its still a long way from Moffat over to Peebles once off the M74.

I think I started riding at about 7:45, oops needed not to faff then did precisely that all the way up to Spooky Wood! Partly I had lowered my saddle quite a bit to see it it made any difference to my left piriformis (for it is that that was causing the problems in Switzerland) but that just made for hard work pedalling and seemed to aggravate it more? It ended up back up to a more normal height for the climb.

I had my Shuffle with me but was quite frankly dawdling and feeling a little drained, I almost came to a standstill on one of the switchbacks I was so dozy, I was also singing at one point though I don't think any one heard me. There were still quite a few people out and about in there. A bit of a foodstop at the top of the Spooky Wood climb, such a nice evening. Along to Spooky Wood and had great fun on the berms and I only got badly buckaroo'd on one tabletop (I can't/won't jump).

It was a little gloomy in the trees as I worked my way down. I decided against the Pie Run shortcut as I'd done that last time. The tree cover seems to get more dense towards the bottom and I ended up putting my saddle down a bit because I couldn't make out trail detail very well in the rapidly fading light and it gave me a chance to throw my weight back when I hit something.

The very last section before the car park was very black, sometimes I really couldn't see anything and just had to hope as I fell into dips and bounced off roots. It was still excellent fun if a little silly.

As I rolled back into the car park the light had seriously faded and the moon was up properly. I hurried to pack the car up as I had about a 35-40 minute drive to get to my folks. I finally rocked up there at 10:30 pm to a worried mother (sorry mum).

As it turned out I didn't get the chance to get out for any more riding so I was so pleased I had made the effort to go.


  1. I've yet to make the effort to ride Scotland. - I think it's going to be a must.

  2. Definitely, I'm not that obsessed with trail centres but Glentress is fab.

    I need to make more effort to try and ride some other stuff on either road or MTB up there, just never seem to find the time when I'm visiting.