Friday, August 28, 2009

Bit wet and windy in the Dales today!

I am on call this weekend so today was my only real chance of getting away somewhere and I wasn't going to let a bit of wind and rain stop me! I did a 30 mile loop in the Dales from Horton over to Hawes and back again.

Even with getting blown sideways more times than I can count, even with "riding" (that will be pushing actually) on the bridleway out of Burtersett that I wasn't supposed to take, even with the headwind/crosswind from hell , getting blown right across the road in a most terrifying manner when coming down Fleet Moss, almost falling off in deep river crossings where there should be shallow fords, rivers for trails and wet limestone as slippy as ice I had a great ride.

More later.

I think I love my waterproofs.


  1. I think i'm the only rider left who doesn't seem to like conditions from hell and crossing deep streams.

  2. sounds like you squeezed as much adventure in to your 'bank holiday'! hope you don't have to work too hard over the weekend

  3. It is some seriously boggy riding up there, but worth it. Glad you managed to enjoy some of the long weekend.

  4. sounds like a great adventure. I hate river crossings, espeically deep ones!