Thursday, August 20, 2009

A bit of a "low volume" week

I'm off work this week and expected to be having a "low volume" week, though its been lower than even I thought. Mainly due to whizzing about catching up with friends in various places and drinking imprudent quantities of wine and/or beer.

On Tuesday night we visited some friends who have bought some land in the Lakes and camped there with them. It's a gorgeous location near the Dunnerdale fells and they have been gradually sorting it out for camping purposes. We had lots of fun playing with fire sticks and am debating whether to buy some...

After lots of fresh air, a late night and a lot few glasses of wine I was expecting to sleep like a log. Except unseen in the long grass we had pitched the tent on was a large rock that lucky me got to sleep on.

I woke up after a couple of hours with stupidly sore back and I just couldn't get comfy. Lots of mutterings about buying a Fat Airic and getting rid of this 3/4 Thermarest (which I don't like due to length but has always been comfy enough) I finally realised I must be lying on something.

I managed to doze off a bit lying on my left side but no decent sleep. Once the tent was packed up I had a look at a rather large rock that I had been lying on. It meant my shoulders were lower than my pelvis but because there was bit of a slope my feet were also lower than my pelvis. No wonder my back was sore (still after a Fat Airic though).

We were due to be riding at Gisburn forest in the afternoon in an attempt to stave off blobbydom.

I was utterly shattered when we got there, I could have quite happily crawled off my bike on the first fire road and gone to sleep inhe long grass. Luckily the new trails have got enough interest to keep anyone awake so I actually enjoyed the ride. Any fire road section was an invitation to doze though. It should be good fun at night.

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