Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Had a rest day after Sunday's ride, legs were "cycling" tired whish is a nice change from the completely battered after running tired I have been used to of late. I got back into the gym for more weights yesterday. I did my warm up on the Treadmill this time, just couldn't face staring at the lilac wall on the rower. Did a couple of faster intervals to start waking the legs up from the marathon trudging, felt good after it so probably time to get the speedwork going again.

I floated off round the gym for a bit, forgotten how weird it feels getting off a treadmill. Left leg feeling more in control on the split squats which I was pleased about. For some reason the gym was overrun with teenage boys hogging all the benches so I decided to use one of the bars for chest presses rather than dumbells. It was an olympic bar which I have a dim memory of being a "reasonable" weight though exactly what it was escaped me.

I loaded it up with titchy 5kg plates for a warm up then nearly died when I tried to press it. Got about three reps out before wrestling it back onto the hooks......took the 5kg weights off and replaced with 2.5kg and creaked out a couple of sets before slinking away. I found out later olympic bars weigh 20kg on their own, oops I thought it was about 5kg or something.

The ouch is not referring to me. I headed out for a run after work with Jez, into the woods near Abbey Village, the looming black clouds had us deciding against the top of the moor. We were both running reasonably well, as it was 3.5 - 4 miles planned I was determined to push the pace on and not settle into the plod I normally do on offroad runs and it was working well.

1.5 miles in I heard a painful expletive behind me and looked back to see Jez in a lot of pain having just turned his ankle. I was worried he had actually broken it such was the pain on his face but after a few minutes he managed to put some weight on it and we started walking back to the car.

We only had 1.5 miles to walk but we chilled down very quickly, then the rain decided to lash right down so we got very wet and even colder. A sobering reminder that extra layers and mobile phones should be carried on long solo hill runs as situations can change so quickly! I ran the last half mile back to the car to get it started and move it as close to the end of the track as possible then drove us home. The ankle was very swollen but immediately iced and ibuprofened, poor love!

I get health insurance through work so he should hopefully be seeing the physio again in the next couple of days. Only been a couple of months since he was last there for the same ankle.

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