Friday, July 3, 2009

Lee Quarry Again

On Wednesday we headed up to Lee Quarry again for a bit of a play. It was very warm and still and the initial climb up from the car park was torture, especially since I had put the flat pedals on the On One, it was like pedalling with only one leg such is the drop in power.

A quick blast round the red route, the first descent had me forgetting I wasn't clipped in and my feet rearranged themselves on the pedals as I bounced over something. This was a) a little scary and b) inconvenient as I couldn't pedal up the next little rise as my feet were so skew wiff. I concentrated on straightening my legs and dropping my heels and moved through the steep berms ok.

I hardly noticed the drop when riding the "cliffside" track this time which was nice and I had general cruising and descending sussed on the flats by then but approaching rises was still a bit hit and miss as I kept trying to pull up on the pedals so I stayed at the back in case I came to an abrupt unplanned stop.

I rode the see-saw in the skills area, I should be chuffed but it was so bloody easy I don't know why I was so worried or why I rode off the side of it the first time I tried it (actually I do know, I'm a a wuss!).

A grand total of 5 whole miles of riding before we got fed up providing dinner for the midgies and we headed back down too hot to bother doing any more, the bottom section of the trail to the car park is lovely and swoopy.

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  1. I liked the 'swoopy' bit too.

    Not so keen on rocks and cliffs mind.