Friday, July 3, 2009

Gym Session and an impromptu ride

I got back into the gym on Thursday to do some more weights, I need to keep up the momentum with this as it will be too easy not to do it. I had a 10 minute warmup on the rower as that was as long as I could take staring at the lilac wall and had a good session on the weights. My left knee was feeling a lot more under control in the split squats this week too.

I had planned to do a gym session only but it was so hot on Thursday that the house was stifling when I got home, it was too hot to stay in. I headed out on my road bike and created my own breeze for a while. I ended up doing a nice ride out through Bretherton, Croston, Bispham, and Ecclestone before heading home. Lots of new roads I've not ridden (or driven for that matter) but basically flat, too hot to suffer hills.

Next time I will try to avoid riding through Croston as it was busy with motor traffic and horse drawn carriages. Not sure what was going on, a few poshed up people in carriages that slowed things right down. I did 27 miles in the end and legs felt ok.

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