Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evening Run..Dry Dusty Trails

Headed out last night after work with Jez to do a bit of a run. Due to it being a very humid I didn't fancy heading into the woods, thought it would be stifling and airless. I suggested we do a slightly shorter version of the route I did a couple of weeks ago. It would be hillier than the woods run but would get us up onto the moor where its usually a lot fresher.

It rained a bit on the way over and the temperature dropped to 20C as we were setting off from the visitor centre at Ryal Fold. Straight uphill, my legs felt dead but I've not done much of anything this month so not too worried. Garmin died half a mile in! I realised I haven't left it plugged in long enough to charge it lately, oops.

After first climb we skirted round the hill a bit, Jez was enjoying running on a springy smooth grassy surface for a bit, a short sharp climb, a bit of running then another short climb and we were more or less up there. We headed more or less straight over the top of the moor then headed for the tower. He did very well on climbs and smoother tracks but was a little ginger on some of the rougher descents. Not surprising as he is worried about his ankles and wearing road shoes, I always find road shoes a bit teetery off road even if grip isn't an issue like last night.

A bit of a breather at the Tower, shame it was so hazy then it was off downhill back to the car. I picked a fairly runnable descent though as I have done a lot more offroad running and its one of my regulars I found it a lot easier than he did, however my descending wasn't much to write home about either. No surprise given lack of offroad runs.

Just under 4 miles with 190 metres up/down so he did really well for a second run. I think he enjoyed this run much more than the last one, its a lot easier to be happy with time on feet on that type of terrain/view to look at rather than worrying about running everything or needing a bit of recovery. Just need to sort out some trail shoes for him and some hill fitness for me, my legs were just livening up on the last descent back to the car.

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  1. Loads of pools of water here but not too much mud yet. Certainly not dry and dusty.

    The ground was baked hard then the heavens opened. The water just ran off into puddles.