Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back from Switzerland!

Had an ace time. Two hour long steady climbs with fantastic steep and technical singletrack descending. Gorgeous scenery (when it wasn't snowing), losing lung capacity climbing up to 2300 metres, shivering in the snow one day and being sunburnt the next. Spotting pro cyclists whizzing around Livigno (Astana) and huge amount of cyclists of all kinds in general. Trying to ride like Fabian Cancellara and hit 90kph down a long alpine road (failed: couldn't get above 68kph). Shame it was only four days, was just acclimatising....

Lots of washing and photos to sort through but not til later in the week, got a two hour (yes two hours, not the one I thought) session at the Velodrome tonight, I am going to die.

Back to work today, booo.....................but my request for a 4 day week has been granted!!!!!