Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(Almost) flat on my face

Well, it had to happen, my first real fall when offroad running, blood and everything, d'oh. I set off on Monday after work for an offroad run. A 10 minute rain delay while I hoped it would ease off a bit, no such luck so I ran down into the woods in Tockholes playing about a bit but not getting utterly soaked.

The rain stopped so I headed up towards the tower. There was a full blown ignorance wandering aound near the tower which was a pain to get passed, they just look at you blankly. Its easier, if a little more hostile to go past on a bike, they know your not "one of "them". Anyway, last few metres to the tower and I feel my left knee scrape off something, then I'm in a semi-plank position, hands outstretched to stop my upper body bouncing off the floor.

I don't remember tripping, there was no stumble, I was just all of a sudden on the ground and my knee hurt. D'oh. I got up, for once no one around at the tower to save my blushes but also no one to ask what the hell I did. I got to the tower, knee was scraped rather than cut and some blood but no bid drips but I knew it was probably best to get back to the car before it started stiffening up.

Back through the ignorance again, a few justified puzzled looks at my bloody and rather dusty presence before escaping down to the car. I loaded the route into bikehike and it gave 7.1 miles with 2000ft of up. The 7.1 miles I believe, the 2000ft I don't (though it is much less than the bobbins figure the Garmin gives)!

Knee scabbed over nicely now and knee cap a little tight, made my weights session a little interesting.


  1. I hope your knees not too badly hurt.

    What are Ignorances? Ramblers?

  2. A large group of walkers taking up a whole track (wider the better) with absolutely no awareness of anyone or anything around them.

    Not all "ramblers" as such.