Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's nearly July....

I'm getting to used to this "recovery", the heavy rain, heat and humidity lately hasn't helped I have to say.

I had a fantastic evening MTB ride last Wednesday, my riding is so much more relaxed now I don't have a big event looming and am not worried about falling off onto my knees - that's not to say my riding was capable, just relaxed! Dry dusty trails and back on my On One again, hardtails are ace.

Thursday I tootled over to the running club on my bike. I did actually manage to tootle, picking a route through Cuerden Park which meant lots of people dodging. The upshot was my legs transferred to running mode a lot quicker than when I hammer it (bit obvious really). The run was faster than I was expecting and stupidly hot though quite short at just over 4.5 miles. I felt it at the end, I ran 26.2 miles a few weeks ago, you'd never guess. Left quad and vmo were making their presence felt, not sore but not normal either.

I took a rest day on Friday for my left leg, think its shocked at having to do some work. I ended up not doing much over the weekend, a combination of being busy and the weather not being conducive to the utility cycling I could do on Saturday (no way was I putting on full waterproofs) meant a lazy weekend. So...my lazy month is nearly over!

I got my act together and rode to work yesterday, a humid morning with little wind meant it was quite stifling at times, even on a bike. I was surprised to arrive in my fastest time ever of 57.30, an average of 18.2 ! That included getting tangled up in traffic in Warton so I was chuffed. Not so chuffed to find the showers out of order in my building though. By the time I'd walked back from the other showers I was all sweaty again it was so warm.

I had hoped to get out the door at 16:30 for a nice ride home, the wind had gotten up a bit but I though the head wind would be refreshing. I finally left work at 7pm. Not ideal but did mean a fairly quiet ride home. Headwind was by then actually quite strong but for once I was glad of the airflow.

I solved the mystery of a the difference in route measurement last week, I stop my Garmin at the front gate of site in the morning due to finding pass/getting in amongst the queueing cars then I tootle to my building. In the evening I just start it when I get on the bike....I started it at the front gate on the way home last night and distance almost the same.

So rest of this week: running with Jez tonight offroad, MTB ride tomorrow, at least one other run and find something else to train for once the Swiss trip is done!


  1. It sounds like you're doing loads now even though you're not training for anything.

  2. Not really, nothing is very long or intense (apart from yesterdays commute in perhaps). Last weeks MTB ride was only 10 miles, won't be much longer this week either. Tonights run will be about 4 miles ish.

  3. 18.2 ave, that's good! is your swiss trip road or mtb?

  4. My commute is as flat as the proverbial pancake! Swiss trip is MTB, not massive mileage each day but as Switzerland is not renowned for its flatness I will need my hill legs. Really looking forward to it.