Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting Back Into It

I'm taking this resting thing too far I think....though I was pretty tired last week which may have had something to do with a hard MTB ride on Sunday the 14th. My legs were seriously unimpressed with inching a mountain bike up some steep hills.

I had planned a very easy June but July is just round the corner so its time to start picking things up again. I have been making a couple of trips a week to the gym and my left knee is progressing along, still does some crazy wobbling when I'm doing split squats though.

I had a gym trip at lunchtime yesterday and a good 5 mile run after work. It was a bit warm and managed to be breezy and airless at the same time. My legs felt really fresh, mentally I think I'm still not quite back, I felt some fatigue lurking but I did enjoy being out. About half way round I was treated to a fantastic flying display by swallows in a field. Wheeling and diving all over the place, was worth getting out to see that alone.

Today I have cycled into work on the road bike. It wasn't a promising start, I put the rear race blade on as its forecast rain later and then had to stop a few times to move it as it was rubbing on the wheel. I felt really tired but its always a shock to the system getting up to ride that early when I haven't done it for a while, its why I try to keep the commute ticking over regularly.

I had to stop to take my glasses off after 2 miles as they were fogging from the outside due to the mist in the air. About 6 miles the sun had come out and I had to shed some layers but I finally seemed to get into it after that as I had someone up ahead and I decided to see if I could catch them....which I did.

Traffic in Warton seemed to be very light and I arrived at work in less than an hour, I had taken a slightly longer route than normal and was pleased my average speed was actually 17.9. I've never broken 18, if I hadn't faffed so much at the start....

Hopefully I'll manage to dodge the rain on the way home.

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