Sunday, May 31, 2009

Too hot for me today

A year to the day when I fried in the Garburn race I ran another hot one, but at least I learned some lessons from last year and backed off the pace early enough to not end up like one lad I saw passed out at the side of the road (he did not look in a good way). I hoped for 4 hours but finally crossed the line at 4:16 on my watch.

One the plus side I had no blisters, no chafing, all toenails are still there, my hamstring was fine and I actually almost enjoyed the last five miles (just miles 15 - 21 were really awful and sun baked). The only real worry was I thought my upper abs were going to cramp in the last 3 miles which made breathing shallow, weird. I also managed t get some suburn despite the factor 30.

The crowds at the finish were excellent and I pushed hard for the finish - then felt quite ill once I crossed the line. I managed to get myself together after about 25 minutes of sitting on the grass without visiting the medical tent. More later...


  1. I have no idea how you managed to run for 4hours in heat like that.

    I went through 3L in just 2hours on the bike and still felt dehydrated.

    Well done!!

  2. Well done you, fantastic result! So good to hear you finished without suffering too much from the sun. Have been thinking of you all today in the hot soon. Hope you enjoy some proper recovery time.

  3. Well done, it was a hot hot day down here. Not ideal for marathon running at all! All your training came together!

  4. congratulations :) it must have been really, really tough in that heat. enjoy a well earned rest/recovery!

  5. Thanks all, feeling not too bad today in myself but have been reading some comments about the race and they ran out of water. I was lucky and only one station at about 19 miles was dry but others behind me really suffered.