Monday, May 18, 2009

Thursday Club Run and a Friday Tempo Run

One thing I've just about had my fill of now is running on my own, it was necessary to get the miles done at the pace I needed to do them but after the 21 miler I am now verging on bored! It doesn't help that I've backed off the MTBing lately too as my legs have been battered from the running and Jez is away.

I was tidying up last week and found the cheque I wrote for my club fees in the bottom of a bag, I was supposed to hand that over at the last XC I did - in February, d'oh! So another reason to get down there.

It was a nice social paced run but my legs felt totally dead and heavy, hills felt difficult and odd so I'm going to have great fun once I start hilly offroad running again. I'll be building it back up almost from scratch again, sigh. I think it was just over 5 miles but being a muppet I forgot to start the Garmin for ages so just a guess.

Friday was supposed to be a tempo run, 1 mile easy then 5 miles at around 8:40 pace . It was windy and grey but actually good running temperature. I managed to dodge the showers. After the easy mile I set off too fast which I was surprised about as my legs just didn't feel like they belonged to me at all. I kept running too fast then it dawned on me that I was going to hit mile five as I was running through the centre of town, no chance of maintaining a consistent pace.

So I changed the plan to a four mile tempo which fitted in better with pace I was running at anyway, I worked hard on the last mile and had gotten progressively faster as the run went on:

8.33, 8.20, 8.12, 8.04

Which I was pleased about as I really felt like I was running with someone else's legs, I wouldn't have gotten that speed out of them the day before. However, once I gave my legs permission to slow down it was like they wanted to stop completely. They came back eventually after about 5 minutes of shuffling but it did show they are really still quite tired. It was a good plan not to try to run fast through town, all the biddies had decamped from the grey prom and were getting in my way in the town centre.

The plan was to rest on Saturday as the forecast looked better for Sunday then out for my long run, a nice "short" 13 miler. I couldn't believe I was regarding a 13 mile run as "short". Only two hours runnning instead three and a half!

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