Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RIP Shuffle

Shuffle is dead, its not taking charge or switching on. Maybe it didn't like getting a soaking? I've had it a couple of years I think and it even survived me shutting it in a car door but it is no more so I need to get another one.

I quite fancy the look of the new 4Gb shuffle but Apple have put the controls on the headphones, leaving aside all sound quality issues with Ipod headphones the buds are just far too big for my ear holes, they fall out when I'm sat still never mind running. Unless I can find some aftermarket ones (Sony preferably) but I think the unit is a little new for that then I'll be getting another 1Gb one.

To be honest that will be enough, I only use it for running, I've never managed to put 1Gb of songs on my running playlist and they are now £30 so not too bad.


  1. I'm still a Mini-disc fan. 1gb per disc. Sadly they never took off.

  2. Jez had loads of them too, including a proper player in the car and house but we've recently given them all away to my brother as they were never used.

    I like the shuffle because it weights nothing and clips on, absolutely brill for running. I remember running with a cassette walkman!

  3. I put my shuffle through the wash last week and it died. It was still clipped to my cycling jersey. I was also going to get the new iPod but I use wrap-around headpohones in the gym and on the bike so its pointless as you lose volume control (what a design floor). So I got a 1G shuffle from ebay for £23. Its perfect.